It’s Old Age Pensioners With Cine Cameras They´re After At Conisbrough.

September 1963

South Yorkshire Times, September 7.

It’s Old Age Pensioners With Cine Cameras

They´re After At Conisbrough.

Free Club Membership Is Being Offered To Them

When Conisbrough Cine Club open their 1963 64 season on September 23, they will offer free membership to any old-age pensioner who has a cine camera. Club chairman, Mr Stan Coe, doesn’t think there is any similar offer anywhere in the country.

Already two new members will be taking advantage of the scheme. They are Mr and Mrs A E. Spencer, of Daylands Avenue, Conisbrough, and Mr Spencer told us this week:

“There are plenty of old people we have shown films toand who haveasked about the price of equipment.”

” 15 shillings – the normal membership fee – for old-age pensioners, is a lot of money,” he added.

When Nights are bad.

The Spencers had been thinking about joining the club for some time; in fact, since their daughter, now living in America, presented them with a cine camera when they visited her three years ago. The free membership scheme finally persuaded Mr Spencer to “take the plunge” and he thinks it could do the same for other pensioners.

“When the nights are bad and we can’t get out we can have a night in showing films when we are fed up with watching television,” he said.

Conisbrough Cine Club has at present about 30 members and the new scheme is part of a bid to increase membership.

Said Mr Coe: “there may be over 100 cine camera users in Conisbrough – out of that number there must be at least 60 people were too shy to come along.”

More Ladies.

In particular the club needs more lady members – there are about eight at present – for Mr Coe believes they see things from a different angle to their menfolk, and so can widen the variety of subjects tackled by the club.

On one occasion, he said, film, was been shot of a couple were, for filming purposes, supposed to be man and wife. It took a woman to spot the absence of a wedding ring on the “wife´s” finger.

Club members have, incidentally, abandon their idea of taking birds eye view pictures of Conisbrough from a privately hired plane.

They have decided it would be too expensive. The shots were to have been used as part of a documentary film. They are making, based on the villages historical connections and local industries.

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