James Whittaker of Coinisboro’ Again

January 1878

Mexborough Times, February 22, 1878.

James Whitaker, of Conisboro’ again

James Whitaker, of Conisbrough, was brought up charged with being drunk and disorderly at that place on the 11th inst.

PC Garner said at 9:15 PM on the day in question he was on duty in Doncaster and Sheffield road, Conisbrough, and saw the defendant coming down theroad shouting and swearing. Someone called out “Cragham”. He took him home and when he got in him there, he said there were too many of us b——-s by half in Conisbrough and called him all the foul names he could. He was drunk.

Defendant in answer to the charge commenced to “hold forth” and in the loudest and most emphatic terms asserted his innocency. He was not drunk at all. He said, but the policeman himself called him “old Cragham” and that would make anybody mad. They called him that for a nickname and he did not like it.

It was with the greatest difficulty that the police and the magistrates succeeded instopping his tonguein order to let him know that he was fined five shillings and costs nine shillings.

After receiving his sentence he could not but have a few parting shots at the police.

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