Jan 18th – Denaby 0 Wednesday Reserve 2 – Denaby well beaten


Mexborough and Swinton Times January 18.

Sheffield Challenge Cup – Third Round.

Denaby Well Beaten

Denaby United 0 Sheffield Wednesday Reserve 2

The match on Saturday at Denaby, was one of the best attended that I have had the pleasure of witnessing, the spectators lining the ropes all round the field.

Denaby were determined to make a good fight for it, and had altered their team somewhat. The Wednesday reserves, had also strengthened their team, McWhinnie appearing on the right wing outside.

But throughout the game the Reserves maintained the upper hand, and could have notched more points if they had so desired. The home team played well, and the defence was very strong, but after the two goals had been scored by the visitors, the spectators saw that the possibility of Denaby winning had vanished.

It certainly did seem as if the home team might score, but the visitors packed their goal well, and somehow in the scrimmages got the ball away.

It is quite refreshing to find George Hardy in form again; he saved some fine shots. The passing tactics of the visitors were splendid.

Team: George Hardy, goal; E Whitehouse and W. Lawley, backs: F Freeman, H Whitehouse and E Sheldrake, halfbacks; Chapman, E Ryans, Ball, Tim Roper and T Hardy, forwards

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