Denaby & Cadeby – Hallam 141 Denaby 163 for 7 – Victory in Last Over.

11 July 1960

South Yorkshire Times, July 11, 1960

Victory in Last Over.

Hallam  141  Denaby & Cadeby 163 for 7

Denaby and Cadeby’s away South Riding League game at Hallam on Saturday, proved to have one of the most exciting endings so far this season.

Denaby had scored 163 for 7, and in reply Hallam were 105 for 9, with 12 overs to go.

Denaby’s regular bowlers failed to get the last wicket, and with one over to go Denaby’s captain, deputy wicket-keeper, Norman Oakley, bowled.

With the third delivery of the final over, Oakley got the wicket, to give Denaby a 22 run victory.









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