Denaby & Cadeby – Bullcroft 125 for 5 Denaby 238 for 7 – Bullcroft’s Big Surprise

8 April 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday August 23

Bullcroft 125 for 5 Denaby 238 for 7

Bullcroft Main had a big surprise on Saturday from Denaby Main, who with a weak side, put up the biggest score of the season for the ground, 238 for 7 declared. The pitch was all in favour of the batsmen. Bullcroft´s usually successful bowlers did nothing, and Nixon had the best average, with three wickets for 35 runs, while two by Brammer cost 38 runs. Scores.

Denaby Main

E Tibbles b Nixon 12 F Shipstone b Shoosmith 13 I Greenwood c Whysall B Holmes 43 J Brammer c Kennedy b Greenwood 15 W Narraway c Beckett b Nixon 36 F Stocks lbw b Kennedy 20 H Foster not out 59 S Slater b Ford 19 G L Robinson b Hardy 11 G Whysall not out 35 G Worthington c Stocks b Brammer 41 W Holmes b Kennedy 2 H Shoosmith c Beckett b Brammer 12 E Middleton not out 12 G Soar b Nixon 8 Extras 16 Extras 9 Totals (7 wkts dec) 238 Total (for 5 wkts) 125

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