Jun 30 – Denaby 143 for 4 Bullcroft 196 for 9 – Delightful Innings by Tibbles

June 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 30

Denaby v Bullcroft

Delightful Innings by Tibbles

At Denaby, on Saturday. Bullcroft batted three hours and twenty minutes for 196, and Denaby were left with an hour and forty minutes to knock them off.

W. Whysall, the Notts County man, turned out for Bullcroft, but he was cheaply dismissed. Last year he came with the Bullcroft team and scored 6 with the bat, but on Saturday he only just “broke his duck”, after ten minutes at the crease. Whysall opened with his brother George, to the bowl of Crossley. After Crossley had bowled a maiden over. W. Whysall was missed behind the wicket off Shoosmith when he had scored his solitary run. However, in the next over his brother was sent back, l.b.w. to Crossley. In the next over Crossley took W. Whysall´s wicket, Narraway retrieving his early fault. The total was then 8. With his next ball Crossley sent Stocks back without scoring, and he appealed for Slator´s wicket with his third, claiming l.b.w. Denaby were delighted with this splendid opening but their hopes collapsed with the partnership of Shipstone and Brammer. They got the mastery of Crossley´s bowling, and it was not long before Greenwood came on and Worthington took Shoosmith´s place at the other end. This had no effect, and the runs were piled up merrily. When the score was 121. Kennedy replaced Worthington, and in his second over bowled Brammer. Then Crossley came back, and Shipstone was not long before he followed his partner. They had contributed 93 runs, and had piloted Bullcroft out of a dangerous situation. Holmes and Middleton also made a good stand but the former was missed by Bateson when he had added 32. The fielding of the home team was not good, and several chances were missed. Bullcroft declared at 196 with a wicket in hand. Crossley took 5 wickets for 58, Shoosmith 3 for 54, and Kennedy 1 for 13.

Denaby scored at an easy pace. Tibbles especially, played a delightful innings. He had scored 37 when his partner, with 12 to his credit, was bowled by Nixon. Then Narraway came in and 30 were added. The score was past the century when Tibbles skied a ball from W. Whysall to Shipstone. He had scored 80 in a little over an hour, and his innings was faultless except for a chance he gave after he had scored 50. He his thirteen 4´s. With the total at 145 for four wickets stumps were drawn. W. Whysall took one wicket for 7 runs, and bowled three no-balls in his first over. Scores:-

Bullcroft Denaby Main W Whysall c Narraway b Crossley 1 Tibbles c Shipstone b W Whysall 80 G Whysall lbw b Crossley 1 I Greenwood b B Nixon 12 S Shipstone b Crossley 56 W Narraway b Middleton 12 F Stocks b Crossley 0 H Foster not out 10 S Slater c Narraway b Shoosmith 12 H Shoosmith c Middleton b Holmes 1 J Brammer b S Kennedy 37 G L Robinson not out 0 W Holmes not out 43 R Middleton b Crossley 23 W E Hardy c Crossley b Shoosmith 7 J Slater b Shoosmith 1 Extras 15 Extras 28 Total (9 wkts dec.) 196 Total (for 4 wkts) 143

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