Kenneth Robson and Rose Whitehead

Hi James,

You dont know me but I would like to thank you for one of your articles (see link above) that you had put on your site from 1938.

One of the boy’s in the newspaper article was my dad Kenneth he was five at the time. It was nice (if you understand what I mean) for us to read the story about him, he did tell us about it many years ago. It was nice to read about it and what happened.

We did not know all the story only that himself and his brother went into Dr Barnardos when they were young.

My dad died in 2005 so thank you for giving me a bit of history whch I have passed onto my children. I wonder if there is any more newspaper articles about him. I am thinking of writing to Dr Barnardos when I find the courage because I am told that they used to take a photo when children first went into care.

My dad was brought up in Shropshire along with his brother. They both went into the Army and came back to Denaby. My dad met my mum in Denaby and married in 1956 had me in 1957 and another four followed after me!!

We lived in Denaby, Blythe Street until I was four then we moved to Conisbrough to the Canyon where my parents lived all their married life.

Thought it might be interesting for you to have a bit of info on an article you found.

Rose Whitehead

Kenneth & Cynthia Robson with children Dennis, Marlene & Rose

Photo from Keith Butcher’s Bygone Denaby & Conisbrough site (see ourlinks page)

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