Kilner Bros New Offices – Conisborough Firm’s Enterprise


Messrs Kilner Bros. New Offices Conisborough Firm’s Enterprise

Messrs Kilner brothers having brought their works up to present-day requirements, so far as raw material and the manufactured article are concerned, and having done all they could in the way of sanitary arrangements for the comfort of the workmen, have turned their attention to providing premises for the staff, and the handsome offices, which our photograph is a subject, were opened last week.

The new block of buildings comprises excellent entrance Hall, 21′ x 13′ 6 inches, with an inner hall containing the staircase, etc this the floor of the being mosaic, with other furniture to match.

From the Hall is approached the office of Mr Caleb Kilner’s, J.P., size 15′ x 14′, which is handsomely fitted up with mahogany desks, cupboards etc, the safes being built in with the walls, and under the stairs. On the opposite side of the Hall is the office of Mr George Kilner, size 15′ x 14′, similarly furnished as before described.

At the rear of this office is a general office, also 20′ x 15′, fitted with mahogany top desks, counters etc and from this department is entered the telephone office and also the strongroom, size 10′ x 9′ 6 inches, fitted with fire and burglar proof door, and walls 2’6″ thick, built-in with cement and lined with fire bricks. There is also a traveller’s office, size 14′ x 13′, fitted with desk, cupboards etc.

Then on the first floor are situated the show room, dining room, auditors office, stationery rooms and lavatories, the latter being fitted up with the latest sanitary appliances, glazed tiling and with mosaic floor. The building is illuminated with both gas and electricity, supply with hot and cold water and fitted up with complete bell and telephone communication.

At the rear of the officers is a private yard, with lavatory, scullery, coal place etc and communicating with the caretakers house. Conisborough pressed, hand picked common bricks were used in erection. This, with stone dressings, and the buildings erected by Messrs B. Wortley and son, of Doncaster’s, from designs of Mr H.L.Smethurst’s.

The subcontractors were Messrs Newton Chambers and Co., who supplied the stoves; W.H.Grafton, plumber, etc Swinton; C.V.Fisher, electrician, Doncaster; R.J.Clarkson, decorator, Conisborough; and W.H.Appleyard, Conisborough, who supplied the desks etc

It is now fully considered that messes Kilner brothers limited have a set of offices second to none in the bottle trade, and most fitting and appropriate to the works, which skill and enterprise have placed in the very front rank.

Mr Caleb Kilner, J.P. hasspent upwards of 42 years at the Conisborough works, and has been the main factor in producing this excellent record, of which he is most justly proud.

At the Conisbrough Works there are about 500 employees, and also a similar number at the Thornhill Lees works, near Dewsbury, while at the London receiving warehouses at King’s Cross about 80 persons are employed.

Messes Kilner brothers have a very large home and export trade, which has risen from a small beginning upwards of 60 years ago and it is owing to the high standard quality of the bottles they manufacture and send all over the world that their position, practically unique in the glass bottle trade has been attained.

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