Kitchen Tragedy – Denaby Girl´s Death from Burns

April 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 14

Kitchen Tragedy

Denaby Girl´s Death from Burns

While Rose Linda Thompson, aged 9, was playing on Monday near the fireguard in the kitchen of her home, at 19, Thornhill dtreet, Denaby Main, her clothing caught fire, and she was burnt on the left side of her neck and body. She was taken to the Fullerton Hospital on Tuesday, and died there.

At the inquest, before Mr. Frank Allen, on Wednesday, her father, Henry Thompson, a filler at the Denaby Main Colliery, said that when he arrived home from his work about 9.30 p.m. on Monday, he heard of the accident, and was told that the girl was in bed. She was taken to the hospital on Tuesday.

Mrs. Ethel Shaw, who lives in rooms at 19, Thornhill street, said she was attending to Mrs. Thompson, who was confined to her bed. Mrs. Thompson asked for a cup of tea, and so she went downstairs to boil the kettle. She noticed the child playing near the fireguard in the kitchen, and told her to go out and play. While preparing the tea, she heard a scream, and Rose came running into the room in flames, with her clothes, which were of cotton fabric, burning on the left side. Mrs. Shaw ripped off the clothes, and saw the girl was burnt on the left side, on the neck, with slight burns on the chest. A neighbour was called in, and the injured child was covered with castor oil. Dr. Ford was called, but owing to some mischance did not receive the message until next morning, when he ordered the child to the Fullerton Hospital.

Dr. Ford said the girl was in a critical condition when he examined her on Tuesday morning.

The Coroner returned a verdict of “Accidental Death”.

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