Little Girl Hurt – Denaby Man´s Alleged Kick

November 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, November 30

Little Girl Hurt

Denaby Man´s Alleged Kick

A Denaby man Sydney Worrall (58), miner, 79, Balby Street, who was alleged to have lost his temper and kicked a six-year-old girl who had been playing on his haystack, was bound over for two years at Doncaster on Saturday for having inflicted grievous bodily harm on the girl.

Supt. T. Gordon said

“Worrall was the tenant of an allotment behind Balby Street, where he kept a horse and had a small hay stack covered by a tarpaulin sheet.

He saw a number of children playing on the stack about 6 p.m. on November 16th, and when they saw him they ran away. The girl was unable to get away, and it was alleged that Worrall took a running kick at her. He caught her on the inner side of the thigh causing a nasty wound for which she had to receive treatment at the Fullerton Hospital.

He was seen the same night by P.c. Stancliffe, to whom he said “It was not a kick it was more of a push”, indicating the action with his foot. When charged with the offence he said “That must have been done when she got down off the stack”.

In a voluntary statement Worrall said that when he went to the allotment he found a number of children playing on the stack and pulling his fences down. One shouted an abusive remark at him, and he was put out. “These kids have been a nuisance to me for a long time” the statement added.

Worrall said in court that the children had pulled all his fencing down. He spoke to them and they started cursing him. He denied that he kicked the girl. He was on compensation and had not worked for seven years.

The Chairman (Mr. Mark Nokes) said Worrall must not lose his temper. The Bench must protect little girls. But for Worrall´s physical condition, they might have punished him more severely.








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