Mar 29 – Worksop Town 2 Denaby United 3 – First “Double” on the Town.

March 1924

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 29

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Denaby´s Great Performance at Worksop.

First “Double” on the Town .

Worksop Town 2 Denaby United 3

Denaby United return to the full flush of their real power yesterday (Thursday) when they gave a large crowd of Worksop Town supporters a big surprise, winning by 3-2. This is a performance which must rank amongst the best of the season in the whole of the Midland League campaign, and should serve to show that Denaby’s period of weakness, disastrous as it has been to championship chances, was no more than an episode. Certainly the football enthusiast of Denaby have a good cause to feel fully reassured, and to see that the team who can do such things as these is worth all the support that can be given to them right to the end of the season.

To Denaby United belong the credit of being the first side to take four points out of Worksop this season – and they may well be the on one, for there is but one other who have the chance of doing so, and that is Grimsby Town Reserve, who are sure be met by Worksop in home and away matches at Eastertide.

The victory sends out the more strongly when it is remembered that the only other site win at Central Avenue this season are Chesterfield Reserve, who did so on November 10, the score being 2-0. The workshop more than even matters in the return match, winning by 5-1. The merit of Denaby’s performance is still further enhanced in the light of the fact that no team have scored three goals at Central Avenue this season prior to Thursday, and search has to be made a long way back in the history of the old Worksop club to find another instance of three goals been scored against the team in the opening half of a game. That was what happened at Worksop on Thursday, for all of Denaby goals were obtained before the interval.

What the score might have been before an injury to Joby Godfrey in the opening minutes of the game is a question one might ponder. Godfrey hurt his ankle in a collision, and was out of the game for some time.

Within 11 minutes Denaby opened their score, Shaw
beating Allen at short range after receiving a neat pass from Godfrey. Richardson was guilty of a bad foul on his old club mates Lilley and a little later was pulled up again for an offence against Cooper. This time a penalty kick was awarded and Coope scored. Just before the interval, Godfrey
got the third goal, making a fine individual wrong, and beating Allen after smartly tricking Richardson.

In the second half, Cawley opened the scoring for Worksop, but the Denaby players strongly protested against the allowing of the goal, holding that the ball had not crossed the line. The referee held to the other view, that the ball struck Bromage, who went full length in the effort to save, and then went over the line before striking the post. Soon afterwards Chairman I was fouled in the penalty area as he was dashing through, and a penalty kick was awarded. Richardson took the kick, and shot straight at Bromwich, who said. The ball again fell at the feet of Richardson, who followed up, but he again failed, his shot this time grazing the crossbar and going over.

Spink scored Worksop second goal 20 minutes from the end.

There was not a lot of good football, the game suggesting the aftermath of last Saturday’s “Battle Royal.”. Both sides were two prone to pay attention to the man in preference to the ball, and fouls were much too frequent. But Mr George trowel handled the game very well. The home crowd had a surprise in witnessing the splendid play of Lilley, who had no superior among the forwards of either side. Another outstanding player among the visitors was the burly centre half, Illingworth, giving a display that was a compliment to the judgement of the man who secured this young artist.

A small but very enthusiastic band of followers from Denaby had a very enjoyable outing in every way, and they did not hesitate to express their jubilation audibly during the game.

Team: Bromage; Coope and Taylor; Chambers, Illingworth and Rhodes; Hamilton, Lilley, Godfrey, Shaw and Cooper

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