March 23 – Denaby United 1 Loughborough 0

March 1963

South Yorkshire Times, March 23.

Refs appeal to Captains

Denaby United 1 Loughborough 0

This was top of the table Loughborough’s first defeat of the season, and Denaby’s win was no fluke. In this Midland league game at Denaby. In an incident packed 90 min. They outplayed the visitors with strong attacking football, and, especially towards the end of the game, Loughborough were lucky to keep the score down to a solitary goal as their defence fell apart.

Loughborough’s reputation held no fears for Denaby, will set about Sparling that unbeaten record from the first whistle. King was a tireless worker for the home side, harrying the Loughborough defence all over the field – but too often he was left on his own with no support from the rest of the forwards. Denaby may have clinched the win much earlier than they did. If they had not hung back.

Ainscough Sent off.

Perhaps it was a “win at all costs” complex that started the petty fouls from Loughborough, and the game was marred in the 20th minute when, Denaby inside left Ainscough retaliated on Stephens with a right hook that crumpled inside left retaliated on Stephens with a right hook that crumpled the inside right up. In Ainscough, was ordered off.

Denaby went back into the game even more determined with 10 men, and although the Loughborough defence held, there attack and nowhere near the bite and determination of their Denaby opponents. Their passes went astray and they were frequently caught offside.

In the first few minutes of the second half Loughborough so more of the Denaby goal than they had all the first 45 min, but the old forward soon found their feet again – but once again, bad temper flared up and after an incident involving King and Loll, the two captains – Haugh, and is already – were caught together and spoken to by the referee.

Keeper Breaks Collarbone.

The 62nd minute, Grainger floated a freekick into the goalmouth to the edge of the penalty area for King to run until. The centre forward collide with goalkeeper Kirkham and the ball ran loose to Gray who put it into the net – but the referee, rather puzzlingly, gave a foul against King and Kirkham, who had not moved since the collision, was carried off with a broken collarbone. The clash was quite accidental.

With 10 men on each side, Denaby superiority really began to tell and they produced some fine open play, Grainger, especially coming into his all. The centre has many King on the right of the Loughborough goal hesitated in front of the full-back for slipping the ball back to Gray, who in turn gave it to Whent. The full-back itchy high over the defence to the far corner of the penalty area for Hall – who had not been having the happiest of matches – to run onto and hit past stand-in goalkeeper Hodges

Loughborough were completely demoralised and Denaby look like adding to the score when wild, and then grey broke away, but the Loughborough goal gladly weathered the storm.

Denaby team: Hough, Whant, Jones, Porter, Wild, Monk, Grainger, Gray, , King, Ainscough, Hall

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