Married Ladies Falling Out at Conisbrough.

October 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 21.

Married Ladies Falling Out at Conisbrough.

Anne Howell, a married woman, of Conisbrough, was charged with assaulting another married woman named Mary Ann Hunt, of Conisbrough.

Mr Hall appeared for the defendant.

The complainant stated that last Tuesday. She was going with her husband’s dinner, about 12 o’clock, and when she got near the Station Inn, the defendant came out and struck her. After beating her she called her abusive names.

Police Constable Garnet saw the assault and told the woman to give over. She (defendant) afterwards, went to her house, where she struck her. Three times the woman went to the house, and assaulted her each time.

By Mr Hall: She complains of my conduct to her husband. It is not true what she says of me. I was not at a public house with her husband the other evening. I did not go into the backyard of the Station Inn with him. The man was going to Doncaster, and defendant said, “Are you going to Doncaster with my husband?” I did not “chaff” her about it.

For the defence Mr Hall said he could not say that his client did not assault the woman, but she had great provocation for doing so. The complainant had had undue familiarity with the defendantĀ“s husband, because the husband had confessed to it and had said he should go with her when he liked.

Fined 10 shillings and 18 shillings costs.

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