May 18th – Denaby 0 Stamford 2 – Home shock for Denaby.

May 1963

South Yorkshire Times, May 18

Home shock for Denaby.

Denaby United 0 Stamford Town 2

Denaby United supporters must have had quite a surprise to see a team, next to the bottom of them Midland League, Andrew have had over 100 goals scored against them this season, show so much fight, determination, and take their chances as Stamford did at Tickhill Square on Saturday.

Denaby did not really deserved to lose, they contributed as much to the game of their employment, and had several unlucky Mrs.

Tattersley played very well – he was perhaps the best forward on the field. He fed the ball out to the wings well, and generally dictated the pace at which the Denaby forward line worked.

Geoff Wild, usually centre half, play centre forward, but is too constructive a player, I think, to play in this position. After the initial 50 min it was almost Denaby all the way, but then Stamford scored two goals in 12 min and this knocked the home side flat.

Stamford first real chance came when right half MacLachlan scented danger centre across the Denaby goal, but he just beat the advancing Baldwin.

Then Tattersley and Roebuck, who played a promising game, linked up well, breaking up the Stamford rearguard, but no forward was up to take advantage of the left-winger centre. Denaby continue to come more into the game and Gray sent an accurate chip into the centre to Wild, but the centre forward was to slow and the ball was cleared.

Denaby’s first chance came when a high bouncing ball from the right B both right back. Thomas and Wild, and came to Roebuck, but he could not break clear of the visitors defence and his shot was not strong enough to trouble Aylin

United on Top

Denaby really came out on top now, and Wild had one of the best efforts of the match, but his shot just skimmed over the bar.

In the opening minutes of the second half Tattersleyhad a wonderful shot from an acute angle on the left, but Aylin managed to punch the ball clear. In spite of the pressure, Denaby just could nothit the back of the net, and Stamford scored after 78 min with a picture book goal.

Denaby tried in vain to get on level terms with Roebuck going near, but a minute from time. Stamford scored again. Left winger Baldwin made a week centre, which was allowed somehow to cross the Denaby goal and Carrington was there to score again.

Denaby team:

Hough; Foster, Jones; Porter, Wright Monk; Mullan, Gray, Wild Tattersley, Roebuck

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