May 19th – 9 months for Unlawful Assault

May 1877

May 19 Sheffield Telegraph

S Hopkinson (on bail), Collier of Denaby, pleaded guilty to having unlawfully assaulted John Wilson.

Mr Tennant prosecuted, and Mr Blackburn defended.

It appeared, that the prosecutor and the prisoner, were in the employ of the Denaby Main Colliery Company, with whom and their men, there had been some disputes, which had resulted in magisterial proceedings.

Prosecutor was a witness against the prisoner and some others were been rioting. After the case had been heard. The prisoner struck and intimated dated the prosecutor.

The defence was that the blow, having given in a sudden gust of passion and whilst the prisoner was drunk.

The bench thought the case a very serious one, and committed the prisoner to gaol for nine months with hard Labour

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