Medical Report – Scarlet Fever in Every Ward

October 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, October 13

Round About Conisboro┬┤

Dr McArthur’s Report

The report of Dr. Macarthur, the Medical Officer of the Urban Council, for the quarter ending 30th September, shows that 65 males and 60 females were born during the quarter in the area of the Council, which gives and annual birth rate of 30.48 per 1000 contrasted with a rate of 20.5 for the large towns of England.

The number of males who died in the area during the three months was 28, and the deaths of females numbered 26.

Of these 54 deaths, 10 were babies under one year of age.

The rate of infant mortality works out at 80 per 1000 births against 62.6 per 1000 births in the large towns.

Violent deaths numbered five.

Scarlet fever is the most prevalent of the notifiable diseases numbering 21 out of 29 infectious diseases notified during the quarter, and every one of the five wards into which the Urban area is divided contributed cases of scarlet fever.

There was only one case of enteric fever notified during the period under review.

Twenty of the scarlet fever cases were removed to the Isolation Hospital.

During the October vacation all the schools are to be disinfected by the Urban Council┬┤s officer as a precaution against the spread of scarlet fever.

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