Mexborough Victoria v Conisborough – “off side” dispute

October 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 15.

Mexborough Victoria v . Conisborough

This match was played on Saturday last, on the ground of the latter.

The home team won the toss and elected to play downhill with the wind in their favour.

The ball being set in motion it was soon in close proximity to the visitors goal, and after about a quarter of an hour’s play, the home team placed a goal to their credit. No further score was obtained up to half time.

Upon ends been changed, the visitors, in their turn, having the hill and wind in their favour, soon brought the leather into the home goal, and after a good run down the centre by T Nesbitt,he passed to J. Jackson, who scored for the visitors.

After this, a dispute arose. The Conisborough umpire would not allow this score on account of one of the visitors being “off side.” (Although he did not play the ball or hinder anyone else). In fact, the chief part of the home team acknowledged the goal.

Unfortunately, the visitors omitted to take an umpire, and had to select a Conisborough person to take that office, and on been appealed to, he said he did not see it. The Conisborough umpire did not give his decision until the ball had been put through, and on this plea the visitors claimed the score.

Owing to this dispute the visitors left the field, still having about a quarter of an hour to play.

The following played well for their respective sides:

Conisborough: Kelly, Senior and Fitzgeorge.

Mexborough: W.Sayer, T.Nesbitt, and F.Lee

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