Soldier – Moore H. – Without Food & Drink for 10 days

October 1916

Denaby Soldier’s Ordeal
Without Food & Drink For 10 Days

Mrs Moore, of 10 Loversall Street, Denaby Main, has received the following letter from a nurse in France relative to private H.Moore (York and Lancs) who has been wounded in both legs, and is now in hospital in France.

“Your husband was admitted to the above clearing station some days ago, suffering from wounds in the left leg and a fracture. He was very exhausted when he came in, and he had been lying without food and water for 10 days.

Poor thing! It was most pathetic to see him, for he was so thin.

We tried to feed him, and did everything we could for him. Last night he was so much better that we transferred him to a base hospital, so that if he continues to improve you will have him home soon.

I hope every one will be good to him for he was so good and brave, and faithful to his duty. For 10 days he suffered agonies of hunger and thirst.

I should have loved to have kept him a little while longer, but when patients are sufficiently well to travel we send them into hospital.”

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