Morley Place School Log 1907 to 1926


8TH APRIL 1907

Ethel Marsh attended this morning but absent for a few days taking Preliminary Certificate examination.

Emma Chapman has not commenced duties.

On Monday classes will be:

Mrs Laughton 1st Class

2nd Class Boys

Head Teacher 3rd Class

Miss Wright Second Class Girls


31st July 1908

Emma Marsh’s apprenticeship expires.

1st August 1908

Miss Emma Marsh appointed as article 50 teacher.


Miss Florrie Moore has commenced duty this afternoon as Uncertified Assistant.

17th March 1911

Ernest Barker fell in the playground and broke his leg. Dr Foster was called.

22nd August 1911

Miss Annie E Piper started duty here as a Uncertified Assistant at an annual salary of Ā£94.

Miss Finch pointed out to Mr Jones that there is no vacancy for Miss Piper in this school.

29th August 1911

Miss Knight ceases duty here today to go to Station Road School.

5th January 1925

Miss Gladys Rosser started duty here today as student teacher.

5th October 1928

Arthur Harrop, 6 years old date of birth 12th May 1922, of 165 Park Road, met with an accident in the playground. He was playing at `belt horsesĀ“ and fell and split his chin. The wound was not large but deep. Miss Rosser took him home and his mother said she thought she would take him to the doctor. Miss Rosser told her the conditions of payment to the doctor.

29th August 1930

Miss Mabel Campbell a student from Firsdown College London has been observing methods in this schoold for a week. She intends teaching in an upper school but wanted to see how infants were taught.

5th January 1931

Mrs Gladys Walshaw nee Rosser started duty as a temporary Certified assistant.

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