“Mottying” at Denaby – Miner Sent to Prison

June 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 29

“Mottying” at Denaby

Miner Sent to Prison

A sentence of three months imprisonment was imposed at Doncaster Police Court on Tuesday on Richard H. Hollocks, miner, of 137, Tickhill Street, Denaby, for having obtained 10s by false pretences by “mottying” at Denaby Main colliery on June 12 th .

Mr. A. S. Furniss, prosecuting, said defendant was a collier employed on 217´s at Denaby Colliery.

Opposite 217´s was 215´s and the men were paid on day rate and, owing to the fact that a proportionately small amount of coal was produced the men suspected that the coal was being “mottied”, and found one night that four tons had gone to someone else´s account.

The next night defendant was not working and nothing was wrong, but on June 12 th he was working on 217´s face. An arrangement was made so that the motties were checked when the shift began and a private mark of the colliers and deputies, and a record kept of the tubs which went out. It was found that instead of having 17 of 215´s and four of 217´s there were found to be 11 of 215´s and 10 of 217´s, and accused had stolen those tubs that night. Defendant was seen and after trying to state there had been some mistake, he admitted the offence.

Edward Rigby, a collier on 215´s face, gave evidence and Norman Hulley, manager, said that the amount in question was four tons and was valued at 10s.

Defendant admitted the offence and said he thought that “worry had made him do it”.

The Chairman of the Bench, Mr. M. L. Noakes, imposing the sentence, said “It is one of the meanest and dirtiest tricks a man can do. It is worse than putting a hand in a chap´s pocket and taking his money”.

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