Soldiers – Mrs Pearson – Four from One Family

December 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 30

Four From One Family

Mrs. Pearson, 49, Barnburgh Street, Denaby Main, has a trio of soldiers serving “somewhere in France” and also a son-in-law with the Forces.

They have been in France since the early part of the war, and in their letters home they write cheerfully.

They look forward to the “South Yorkshire Times”, which is sent to them each week, and from which they are happy to glean the home news and learn of their pals, and see photographs this week.

They are Gunner John Till, 23, Adwick Street, Denaby Main, Gunner Henry Till and Gunner Edward Brindley (an adopted son) of 49, Barnburgh Street, Denaby, and the son-in-law is Gunner John Kay, of 63, Barnburgh Street, Denaby Main.



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