Narrow Escape of the Denaby Main Colliery Manager.

December 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 16.

Narrow Escape of the Denaby Main Colliery Manager.

Mr John Warburton, manager of the Denaby Main Colliery, had a very narrow escape on the railway, near Mexborough, yesterday afternoon.

He was walking in the “4 foot” on the “down line,” as the 1.39 train from Doncaster, was about to pass, and it was only by the nearer shave, so to speak, that he saved himself from being cut to pieces.

Mr Meggitt of the Bone Works at Denaby, waiting for Mr Warburton to get up to him, seeing him come along the line, as he stood near the works, and his attention was suddenly arrested by perceiving the train in question approaching a good speed.

It was slashed across his mind by Mr Warburton, would soon be dissected and scattered up and down the railway line, and in horror he rushed away from the spot.

The driver apparently did not notice anyone between the metals, until within about 20 yards from Mr Warburton. He instantly applied the vacuum brake and loudly blew the whistle.

Mr Warburton, wobbly walking along with his head bent down, as though in a reverie, was at once made aware of the critical position in which he was placed, and he just managed to leap upon the embankment, when the train passed over the very spot where he had stood.

He was so overcome by his almost miraculous escape that it was some moments before he could “collect himself” and proceed on his journey.

We must congratulate Mr Warburton on his narrow escape, and expressed the hope that he once again places life in such jeopardy.

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