Neighbours Fight at Conisbrough – “let’s have one dog one bone”

October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 4.

Neighbours Fight at Conisbrough.

A delicate looking married woman, named Mary Ann Hemingway, was summoned by Maria Bailey for an assault alleged to have been committed on September 26.

The evidence was very contradictory.

Bailey said the defendant lifted the poker to her, and she put up a hand to protect itself. The defendant then got hold of her hand, and put a finger in her mouth and bit it. The defendant also pulled her hair.

Lizzie Bailey, a grown-up daughter of the complainant, and George Bailey, a son, gave similar evidence.

The defendant stated that Bailey put her finger in our mouth and ripped her tongue, so that she was compelled to buy.

A boy, whose name did not transpire, gave evidence on BR for the defendant. He said Mrs Bailey brought a scrubbing brush in her hand, Lizzie Bailey had a call hammer, and George Bailey had a piece of wood. Mrs Bailey dragged the defendant by the hair, Lizzie Bailey kicked her, and George Bailey threw half a brick at her afterwards prodding her with a close prop.

Abraham Hemingway, husband of the defendant, corroborated by, and also said: Mrs Bailey and her daughter, and got hold of my missus´s head, and I said “that won’t do; let’s have one dog one bone.”

Beatrice Curtis also supported the defendant’s story.

The costs of the case amounted to £1 1s 6d. The magistrates expressed the view that “there was 6 of one, and half a dozen of the other.” the case would be dismissed and both parties would have to pay their own costs.

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