New “Reception” Room – It was “all their own.”

July 1960

South Yorkshire Times July 25, 1960

It was “all their own.”

Fourth year girls at Conisbrough Northcliffe County high school enjoyed the fruits of their own efforts on Tuesday when they were guests of the senior mistress for Coffee in the new “reception room,” which they had personally decorated.

The girls, all fourth-year leavers, have spent time throughout the last term completely refitting the room, formerly the men staffroom. They papered it with wallpaper of their own choice, decorated it with products of the school art department, and as a finishing touch have designed and printed their own curtains with a special motif including a Castle – chosen for obvious reasons because of Conisbrough’s own famous monument.

Senior Mistress, Mrs E. Westlake, told the “South Yorkshire Times” on Monday how pleased she was with the girls efforts.

“The thing which particularly thrilled me was that one of the girls – Ruth Hobson – was due to leave, but she stayed behind at the end of the term, especially to add the finishing touches,” said Mrs Westlake.

Other fourth form girls concerned with the production of the very attractive curtains were Anne Johnson, Valerie Jones and Susan Goddard.

Headmaster, Mr A.G. G. Young commented, “The room will fill a particularly desperate need in the school, especially in view of the present lack of space.”

The reception room could be used for interviews by medical personnel and by youth employment officials, and the girls will be able to use it to serve meals. They had cooked in their domestic science classes, he said.






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