Soldiers – Newsome Family – Father, Brothers & Sister (pictures)

October 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, October 26

Family “Army”
Father, Brothers and Sister From Conisborough

Not many families will be able to equal the record of the Newsome family of 49, Daylands Avenue, Conisborough, in the matter of service in His Majesty´s Forces.

The father, Mr. Harry Newsome, who saw service in the Boer War and served throughout the last war in the South Lancashire Regiment, attaining the rank of sergeant, is now a section leader in Conisborough Home Guard, and has four sons and one daughter rendering service to the national cause.

A. Newsome, who was home on leave last week, is a driver in the Royal Artillery and has been in the Army for two years;

Harry, better known locally as “Shiner”, is a corporal in the K.O.Y.L.I. and has been out East for the past eight years;

Fred, a young man of fine physique, is a sergeant in the Coldstream Guards has five years service to his credit, and is at present stationed somewhere in England.

Jack is a corporal in the Royal Engineers, is stationed just now at a coastal port which has come in for special attention from the enemy, and has been in the Forces for four years.

Not intending to be out done by her brothers, Miss Alice Newsome joined the N.A.A.F.I. some six months ago, and is shortly expecting to become a member of the W.A.T.S This is a truly remarkable family record.

The Newsome family is indeed a small army of its own. When complimented upon the achievement of her family, Mrs. Newsome modestly remarked that the list could be added to, as she had two sons-in-law serving in the Forces.



9 thoughts on “Soldiers – Newsome Family – Father, Brothers & Sister (pictures)

  1. Louise Russell

    Wow, after spending many hundreds of hours searching my mum’s family tree, especially my Grand dad Harry Newsome. I saw a psychic yesterday who told me there was a young man in uniform standing with me and she told me it was my grandfather, she also told me my mum, grandma and nanna were also with him. Harry dies in the second world war when mum was a toddler and although mum never got to have her dad for very long and doesn’t know alot about him, I have always felt a strong connection to him. So today is Mother’s Day I decide to do the regular google search for Harry Newsome. The same one I’ve done so many times before without much success. But today the first thing that came up is the story below. What a shame Mum has passed away and didn’t get to share this with me.

  2. Susan Martin

    My mum was Alice Newsome Harry (your grandads sister.)Harry has nephews and nieces still living in Conisbrough.

  3. Erwin Toseland

    On the 7th May,2016 my wife attended the 75th birthday party of Julie Newsom (now Gandy) lived on Daylands Avenue before marruage.

  4. Nick Lewis

    I’ve just discovered this page! My grandfather was Fred Newsome, who moved to South Wales after marrying and raised a family before his untimely death in North Africa in 1942. Tragic that the family lost two sons in the war.

    Louise, like your mother, my mum didn’t get to spend much time with her father. We do have a lovely photo of all of them together though.

    Susan — I think my mum was named after your mum!

    1. Louise Russell

      Hi Nick, omg I never saw the responses to my comment way back in 2016 about my grandfather Harry Newsome. It’s early Christmas morning here in Australia and I thought I would check my emails while it was quiet and saw the Conisbrough Historical newsletter with the story on the Newsomes and read the story to the end and then realised there were responses to my initial comment. I would love to talk to you to find outore on the Newsome family if you have some spare time. I have been in contact with Moya and Susan for about 5 years now but unfortunately mum dies never meeting any of her family. Hoping to hear from you, Louise

      1. Nick Lewis

        Hi Louise, I hope you had a very merry Christmas there! It will be 2021 there by now 🙂 Yes, let us speak — that would be tremendous. I live on the East Coast of the US. How best for us to swap contact details? I can drop the webmaster here a line and see if there’s a way to exchange emails without posting online. Are you on FB? I rarely use it but could try and find you there and message you that way. All the best and look forward to speaking soon. Nick

  5. Moya O'Neill

    Hello Nick.
    I’ve only just seen your post. My dad Arthur was Fred’s brother, he sadly passed away in 1971. Through Ancestry. Co I traced uncle Harry’s family and information about uncle Fred. I regret not asking my dad more about his family and the war.

    1. Nick Lewis

      Hello Moya, thanks for the reply. As you can see, I haven’t looked at this page in some time but with it being Father’s Day here in the US on Sunday, I thought I’d look again! It would be good to reach out to other members of the distant family and learn more about the family history. I lived in Sheffield for a long time and my grandmother always used to smile when I’d talk about trips in the local area. What would be the best way to do that? I understand that people may not wish to post their personal contact details here. All the best, Nick.


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