Nov 16 – Denaby 0 Spalding 4 – Spalding snapped up their chances.

November 1963

South Yorkshire Times, November 16.

Spalding Snapped up their Chances.

Denaby United 0 Spalding United 4

This was the sixth match this season in which Denaby have failed to score – and if anyone needs it explaining further, Denaby’s present troubles,and their solution, rest largely on the shoulders of the forwards, but the defence had an equal share of responsibility for Saturday’s 4-0 defeat by Spalding United at Tickhill Square.

After being forced on the defensive for the first quarter of the game, Spalding staggered Denaby with three `smash and grab´ goals in 16 minutes and their poor finishing gave them little chance of getting back into the game.

Denaby should have been able to stop all three of these goals, and even more so the farcical fourth a minute from time, but they seemed uncaring as Spalding went further and further ahead with a team which was no better than Denaby´s.

The game itself was mediocre, neither of the teams fulfilled the promise of their approach work – despite Spalding’s four goals. All were well taken, but they were made too easy for the visitors by Denaby, who on the play, should have been scoring themselves.

For what you use the second half was to either side – or the spectators – this you might just as well not have been played. The game became as gloomy as the weather, with both teams matching each other for poor finishing, scrappy play and bad tempers.

More Spirit Needed.

If Denaby to get themselves out of their presentwoes it’s going to take a lot more spirit than they displayed in Saturday’s listless affair.

You’ve got it in you to do it. Denaby – Do It!

Team and ratings: Stasieukiewicz 5; Wild 7, Foster 6; Bailey 7, Jones 6, Ainscough 6; Martin 6, Cox 5, Gray 5, Wharam 7, Roebuck 6.

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