Nov 30 – Denaby 1 Scarborough 6 – Fight goes out of Denaby.

November 1963

South Yorkshire Times, November 30.

Fight goes out of Denaby.

Denaby United 1 . Scarborough 6

Denaby are demoralised. I’ve seen them lose matches by bad block and go down fighting, but on Saturday in their home Midland league fixture with Scarborough, all the spirit they had left them, and a how-many-goals-are-we-going-to-get-scored-against-us-this-week complex took over this.

Losing week after week doesn’t do any good to any team, but once they become resigned to the fact that they are going to lose, they might as well not bother playing – and at the start of Saturday’s game that’s how Denaby were this.

Scarborough were good. They tackle fast – Denaby usually do – and gave the ball plenty of air with speedy and useful passes which slice through the Denaby defence.

In the second half. Denaby at last short some signs that they were there to play football, but it was too much like shutting the stable door. If the defence played in that first quarter of an hour as they did for the rest of the match, none of those four goals would have gone in. Mullen got Denaby’s goal in the 64th minute.

Teams and ratings

Team and ratings: Stasieukiewicz 5; Whant 4, Wild 5; Bailey 4, Jones 5, Wharam 4; Gray 4, Wood 4, Mullen 5, Harevey 5, Roebuck 4

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