Novel Cricket Match – Starts at 2 a.m. !

13 July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 1900

Novel Cricket Match at Conisborough.

Enthusiasm for Cricket runs high at times in Conisborough, but never before Wednesday has a match been commenced at two o’clock in the morning.

Just before the time stated, nine members mounted the high hill that leads to the Conisborough ground, bent upon having a game.

Owing to the odd number some difficulty was at first experience in picking sides, but at last it was decided that teams werefour each to play, with the odd man batting for each side.

The first side to bat did so under very adverse circumstances. It was fortunate there were no umpires present, or they might have rule that the “light was bad.”

It was certainly somewhat difficult to see the ball, which on one occasion was hit rather hard, and had to be searched for with lighted matches.

Each side had two innings, but the details of the match have not been placed on record, as it was considered too early, even in Feast week, to arouse the official scorer from his slumbers.

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