Denaby Utd – Amber & Black

1 October 1921

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 1

Amber and Black

Naturally, there was a heavy contingent of Denaby supporters, but they seem swallowed by the greater Mexborough following, and as a shouting crowd were not to be compared with some of the stentorian assemblies we used to fall gather in the days when, Denaby had a team nearly as good as that with which Barnsley rushed the English cup.

I have never heard a dozen Denaby-ites let out a bigger yell than that which greeted Joe McGuire┬┤s great header.

They are very polite at Denaby, these days, and are careful to abstain from demonstration likely to be distasteful to the opposing faction.

But if they spared the ear they made audacious appeals to the eye.

There were colour schemes in Amber and black that were quite distressing at 50 yards range. There were rosettes a foot in diameter, Lapels picked out in Amber, and there were also canny Denaby Fans, Scotch on the Father’s Side, who wasted no siller but just took an outsize sunflower, stripped its petals, and went in that.



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