Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Mexborough Loco 1 – Denaby go Further

15 October 1921

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 15

Denaby United go a Stage Further.

Denaby United 3 Mexborough Loco 1

Except for two periods of about 10 min each there was never much doubtto theresult of the game between Mexborough Loco and Denaby United, played on the Tickhill Square ground.

The Loco opened very strongly, and after having reduced the lead in the second half they made a splendid rally and looked once or twice like getting the equaliser. But they were up against a side, which in every Department was much too strong and too clever for them.

Boffey was rarely troubled with good shots – the one that beat him did not cause him to exert himself for the simple reason that it was in the net before he saw it – and the home rear defence had the Loco forwards well held.

After the first goal Denaby put some method into their game, and thenceforward it was for the most part in duel between the home forwards and Ward, who kept a brilliant goal for the Loco.

Ward played like a man inspired, and stopped shots that it appeared impossible to stop. The shooting of the Denaby forwards was quite good, but the goalkeeping of Ward was wonderful, and but for it, the Loco would have had a sorry tale to tell. Of the three shots which beat him two were taken at almost point-blank range, and the third would have beaten any goalkeeper.

JOSH BURKINSHAW open Denaby’s account after 10 min play, and he was supplied with his opportunity by Brayshaw, who twice be the opposing halfback, and lifted in a perfect centre. Ward missed the ball and Burkinshaw, on his knees, headed in.

Denaby were one up at the interval. In the first half the railwaymen at plate for a time with 10 men, Evans their centre half, having had to retire from the field badly winded as a result of a collision.

It was in the opening stages of the second half that Boffey was called upon for the first time, Denman supplying the shot. Shaw tried a shot which the home custodian saved without difficulty, and then Denaby returned to the attack, and again Ward shone, saving a terrific shot by Ballance, and dropping full-length to stop a ball from Burkinshaw. He was then again 2 min later, throwing himself right across the goal at the flying ball which had Froggatt’s full weight behind it.

Then WILSON, who had earlier in the game hit the corner of the post, shot from a very acute angle, the ball skimming along the ground, striking an uprightand rebounding into goal. This was after 35 min play. The ballhad not been kicked off a minute before Burkinshaw tore down the field with the ball athis feetand shot from about 10 yards range. Ward stopped it, and also saved a fine shot from Froggatt and Hamilton shortly after.

Walker was the outstanding member of the Loco forward line, created a diversion by beating all the outline defenders and taking the ball close to goal. Here he was smartly robbed by Boffey. Another burst on the part of the Loco forwards led to a free kick being awarded against Denaby for the tripping of Barnett as this player was bustling his way through. TAYLOR took the kick and, wasting no time, had the ball high in the net before thehome defence knew what was happening.

This success spurred the Loco to renewed efforts and for a brief spell they tried hard to draw level. Bennett nearly got through, but he spoiled a lovely run by steering a wide course and found himself in a position for which it was impossible to shoot. He did the next best thing, dropping in a fine centre, which, however, the inside men failed to convert.

The pressure on the Denaby goal was finally relieved by Ballance, who securing possession, ran half the length of the field and shot straight at the goalkeeper. 5 min from time BURKINSHAW decided the issue by taking advantage of a slight misunderstanding between the Loco backs and goalkeeper, and scoring a third goal for Denaby.

Denaby: Boffey; Coope and Dawson; Ashton, Froggatt and Maguire; Hamilton, Burkinshaw, Ballance, Brayshaw and Wilson

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