Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Bullcroft Main 0 – Mudlarking at Denaby

29 October 1921

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 29

English Cup
Mudlarking at Denaby
Bullcroft defeated by Three Goals
A Keenly Contested Game
Denaby United 3 Bullcroft Main 0

Denaby and greater difficulty in disposing of Bullcroft Main on Saturday than the score suggests. Until last 10 min, the issue was strenuously contested, and although Denaby held the lead by an odd goal, they were times when Bullcroft got dangerously near to obtaining an equaliser.

Rain fell throughout the match, and it was to the advantage of the visitors, for the every ball and wet ground made it difficult for the clever Denaby side to exploit their usual scientific methods. It also had adversely affected the gate and interfered enormously with the game, that, and a congenial conditions were approved and attractive encounter. The Denaby team turned out as, and Bullcroft were at full strength, the team, including Tommy Boyle, the son of old Peter Boyle, was recently joined Sheffield United, with whom his father was an illustrious light years ago. By the terms of the transfer, Bullcroft were allowed to retain his services for the national cup competition.

Judging by the enthusiastic reception accorded to the Bullcroft team on entering the arena, they were accompanied by a large contingent of supporters. There was a strong wind blowing, and the visitors were fortunate in winning the toss. Bullcroft (vigourously, but then initial attack was easily repulsed by cool, and the first scare was provided by the visitors right back this kicking with the Ohall Denaby back on top of it. He managed to touch the ball back to Alan, who cleared in the nick of time. It was obvious that the play was affected by the wet ground, and the visitors, adapting themselves to the condition, went in for robust tactics and exploited the long passing game. Boyle was quickly conspicuous, and set his wing man in motion on several occasions. Dawson and Coope, however, were impregnable and the home city goal was never in danger. Brayshaw indulged in some delightful footwork, which completely outplayed the visiting defenders.

Just before the interval, Burkinshaw, should have given Denaby the league, he received the ball right underneath the bar with only Allen to beat, only to balloon the ball over.

The interval arrived with no score.

With the advantage of the win, Denaby, were expected to open their goal account, and on the resumption, they set up a hot bombardment, on the visitors goal.

At length the Bullcroft forwards appeared to tire and never recovered.

In the closing stages Denaby were complete masters of the situation, and added two more goals. The first result 7 min from time when Ashton, receiving the ball about 15 yards from goal, took careful aim and beat Alan with a superb shot.

2 min later, Whitaker, after receiving a mud bath as a result of a robust charge by Goodlad sent in a good shot from the touchline. The ball struck the far post and bounced on the goal-line. Before Allen could get to the ball, Ballance rushed in and touched the ball into the net with his toe. Although the score was credited to Ballance, it was really Whitaker’s goal.

On the call of time Burkinshaw very nearly added a fourth goal with a shot that this by inches

Denaby team: Lee, Coope and Dawson; Ashton Grocott and Maguire; Whitaker, Burkinshaw, Ballance, Brayshaw and Wilson


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