Old Account Bill and Ancient Stone

August 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, August 11

Old Account Bill

The writer mentions the old account bill which at that time was hung up in an Inn at Conisbrough. The document later was in the possession of Mr. Josiah Beckwith, of Masboro´ who was a well-known antiquary of that period.

I do not know where it is now, but I have a copy, and give below a translation of it. It will be seen that they celebrated Conisbrough feast in no uncertain manner in those days.

The account is for the expenses of Sir Ralph de Beeston and Sir Simon de Baldriston at Conisbrough on the morrow of the exaltation of the holy cross on Sept. 15th and 16th, 1320.



In bread bought 1 6 Four gallons of wine bought 2 0 Twelve gallons of ale bought at Doncaster 1 6 Sixteen gallons of ale bought at Conisbro´ 1 4 Shambles of meat bought 2 0 Eight fowls bought 1 0 Two geese 0 8 Eggs bought 0 3 Two pounds of candles bought 0 3 1/2 A woman´s wages for fetching the ale 0 1 Provender for the horses bought Tuesday following 1 3 Bread bought 0 8 One gallon of wine bought 0 6 Four gallons of ale bought in Doncaster 0 6 Shambles meat bought 0 8 Two geese bought 0 8 One fowl bought 0 1 1/2 Ten pigeons bought 0 4 Total (77 p to nearest) 15 4

Ancient Stone

The ancient stone is alluded to which is in the church at Conisbrough, and is almost unique.

It is a “hog-backed” stone about five feet long with a number of hieroglyphic figures engraved upon it.

The writer says that it was moved from the churchyard, and on its removal, the ground was dug to a considerable depth; about two feet from the surface a body was found, lying north and south being a different position from any other in the churchyard, near a foot lower another body lying due east and west was discovered, surrounded with irregular stones placed edge-ways and below this a lot of matter which had the appearance of charcoal.

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