Old Denaby Parish Council – New Chairman and Vice-Chairman

December 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 02, 1939

Old Denaby Parish Council

New Chairman and Vice-Chairman

A number of appointments were made at a meeting of Old Denaby Parish Council on Saturday when vacancies in positions held by Messrs. W. H. Simpson and G. O. Randerson, resigned members were filled. At the outset a new member, Mr. T. Shaw, was welcomed on behalf of the Council by the Clerk (Mr. R. Dunn) and Mr. Shaw thanked the members for co-opting him on the Council.

Messrs. H. H. Neal and J. Wright proposed that Mr. B. J. Peck should succeed Mr. Simpson as chairman until April next, but Mr Peck declined, remarking that there were older men on the Council, and he successfully moved, Mr. Shaw seconded that Mr. Wright be appointed. Mr. Peck was, on the motion of Messrs. Neal and Shaw, elected vice-chairman in succession to Mr. Randerson, and Mr. Shaw was appointed to take Mr. Randerson´s place as the Council´s representative on the Body of Managers of the Old Denaby Schools until June, 1940.

To fill a vacancy on the Council caused by Mr. Randerson´s resignation, Messrs. Peck and Shaw moved that Mr. R. Earnshaw, of Bettyscroft, Old Denaby, be co-opted a member. Mr Neal proposed Mr. W. Burley, of Homecroft but there was no seconder and Mr. Earnshaw was declared elected.

The clerk reported that in reply to the Council´s request for information about ambulance charges, the Conisborough Urban Council had offered Old Denaby residents the use of the Conisborough ambulance at the same charges as to Conisborough ratepayers 7s. 6d. per journey to the Montagu Hospital, Mexborough, 5s. to Fullerton Hospital, Denaby, 8s. or thereabouts to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, and 10s. 6d. or 6d. per mile, whichever was the greater, to Sheffield Royal Infirmary.

Mr. Dunn remarked that in view of the fact that the ambulance had to be subsidised by the Conisborough rates, he thought the Conisborough Council had been very decent and it was a very reasonable proposition. On behalf of the Council, he immediately wrote to Conisborough thanking them for their concession.

Replying to Mr. Peck, the clerk stated that there was no question of a retaining fee, and Mr. Shaw remarked that it was much better than the previous proposition considered by the Council.

The Clerk reported that he had taken up with Mexborough Urban Council the question of securing a reduction from double fees to the ordinary fees for the interment of Old Denaby people in Mexborough Cemetery, but had had no reply. He had, however, seen in the Press that the proposal had been turned down.

The meeting were against an approach being made to the Conisborough and Conisborough Parks Burial Committee with regard to the Denaby Main Cemetery, and the Clerk undertook to make enquiries upon a certain course.

Mr. Dunn stated that he had submitted to the West Riding Surveyors´ Department the question of the painting of kerbs at Old Denaby to ease the blackout position and he also undertook at Mr. Neal´s request, to take up the matter of the need for repairing the lane at the rear of the Village School to the school boundary and the inconvenience caused by the two springs by the roadside at Ivy House Farm.

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