Outrage on the Highway

December 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 3

Outrage on the Highway.

An extraordinary outrage occurred on the highwayto Doncaster at a late hour on Friday last.

A cabman in the employ of Messrs Smith and, Proprietors, Doncaster, had driven a Party to Conisborough, and was returning, when on reaching a lonely spot about 2 Miles from Doncaster, he saw several men emerge from the hedge side. One of them asked for a ride, andthecabmansaid, “Jump up then.” The stranger seated himself on “the box” beside the driver, and then asked for a match. The latter said he had not got one, and the man immediately struck him violently on the side of the face, knocking him from his seat.

The driver fell violently upon the ground. The assailant and the other men then overturned the cab, smashing it, at the same time seriously injuring the horse. The conveyance fell upon the driver and very seriously injured him. The men took what money the injured man had upon him, and then made off.

Subsequently, the driver was found lying on the road in an unconscious state. He was then conveyed to the Doncaster infirmary, where he now lives in a critical condition. The men have not yet been apprehended.

The alleged highway robbery near Conisborough, has received a new version. It appears that Wardingley, who stated that he was knocked off the cab by the man, who robbed him, told two policeman that the horse began to kick and kicked the cab over.

An examination shows that the cab had been run against a wall and then turned over. Notwithstanding these things Wardingley, who is still suffering from his injuries, maintains he was robbed and abused.

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