Perilous Journey

February 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 3

Perilous Journey

Mr. W. P. Kelly, of Elm Green Lane, had a lively experience during the week-end, when he set out by train to return to his work at Manchester and returned home 27 ½ hours later without having reached his destination.

Mr. Kelly told the “Times” on Tuesday that he left home about 4.35 p.m. on Sunday to catch a train from Conisborough station and after changing at Mexborough got as far as Sheffield, where he learned that it was not possible for trains for Manchester to get through.

Enquiries revealed, however, that the L.M.S. service was operating from the other Sheffield station and in due course Mr. Kelly left Sheffield about 7.30 pm.

“We got to 200 yards the other side of Chinley Tunnel”, Mr. Kelly explained, “and there we stuck. This would be about midnight and we remained at that spot until 3.45 on Monday afternoon!

A train in front had become derailed. Another train from London came up behind us and there it stayed, too.

There were five of us in our compartment, and we spent the time sleeping and talking. We were unable to leave the carriage and had nothing to eat until we reached Edale about 4.30 p.m., where food was provided by the railway company. Actually I was 23 hours on the trains”.

Mr. Kelly finally alighted at Swinton and reached home by trackless vehicle about eight p.m. on Monday.

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