Persistant Cruelty

July 1919

Mexboporough and Swinton Times, July 26, 1919

Persistent Cruelty

At Doncaster, on Tuesday, James Clarke, miner, Denaby, was charged with persisting cruelty to his wife Ellen Clarke. The parties were married on July 10, 1915, at Thrybergh, and have one child. They lived at Whinney Hill, and afterwards at Denaby.

Complainant said that her husband had thrashedher repeatedly within the last 12 months, and had not attended to his work. On the Monday that the miners came out on strike, he struck her with a poker, and gave her a black eye. He also stood on her face, and he on one occasion threw abucket of water over her as she lay in bed.

He worked at Cadeby pit, and earned 16 shillings a day, but he gambled his money away, and would rather put a shilling on a horse than buy a loaf of bread.

Margaret Prendergast, defendantĀ“s stepdaughter, stated that she had seen defendant thrash her mother persistently during the last three months. He had pulled pictures off the wall and jumped on them. He had also stopped out all night and not come on until six in the morning. He had thrashed her, and she had seen him throw a bucket of water over her and the baby. The water was in a “slack” bucket.

Defendant said it was not dirty water; it was clean, and the bucket was only about three quarters full.

Inspector Lloyd (N.S.P.C.C.), stated that on the morning of the 11th Mrs Clark called on him. She was bruised and he advised herto see the magistrates clerk. Previous to thishe hadseen defendant sitting on a stool at the bottom of the street whenhe oughtto be at work, and asked why he was not at work, defendant said he was not going to work for a – thing like his wife, and he would work when liked.

Defended offered to pay 25 shillings a week for the wife and child, and said he only earned 10/6 a day.

The chairman (Mr G.B.Shiffner): Don’t play with me, because we won’t have it. How much do you earn?

Defendant admitted he earned 15/6 a day, and the magistrates made an order for him to pay 30 shillings a week towards the maintenance of his wife and child

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