Persistent Cruelty at Denaby.

October 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 25.

Persistent Cruelty at Denaby.

Henry Bradley, miner, Denaby, was summoned by his wife, Mary Bradley, for persisting cruelty. She also applied for a separation order.

Complainant stated that on the 11th inst., about 9:30 pm, she sent her little girl to a shop for some chip potatoes, and as she was away rather a long time she went in search of her and as she could not find her she returned home. She met the defendant near the door. He accused of having been seeing someone across the way. He then seized her by the neck, and hit her several time in the eye.

Five weeks before he had turned out of the house at night, and refused admission for four or five hours. She made a complaint to PC Lancaster, who advises her to summon the defendant. For the past 17 years the defendant had been persistently cruel towards her, and lately his conduct had become worse.

There were five children of the marriage, all under the age of 16 years.

Eli Webster, deposed to seeing the defendant thrash his wife, and he had also threatened to strangle her. He had threatened to cut her  ———  heart out.

Ellen Lloyd said that formerly she and her husband lodged at the defendants house. She had heard the defendant threaten his wife.

He could earn about 8 shillings per day.

The Bench granted a separation order, the defendant to contribute 17/6 per week towards his wife’s maintenance.

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