Pierrot Entertainment at Conisborough. – In Aid of the Parish Church Organ Fund

April 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 19.

Pierrot Entertainment at Conisborough.

In Aid of the Parish Church Organ Fund

An entertainment containing several novel features was given last night in the Board Schools, Conisborough, in aid of the fund being raised for the purpose of paying off the debt incurred in connection with the restoration of the Parish Church organ.

There was a large attendance, a circumstance which must have been very encouraging to the promoters.

The first part of the entertainment was given by a Pierrot troope, which as recently been formed, and the second part consisted of an exhibition of living waxworks. The amount of the organ fund yet remaining was only about £16, and there was every indication last night that the greater part of this sum would be raised. Mr W.W Norwood and Mr Harold Sharp rendered great assistance in the promotion of the entertainment, Mr Sharp have enacted as a manager and choirmaster of the troope. Mrs G Clarkson was the accompanist.

The troope presented a very attractive appearance on the platform. The ladies occupied the middle portion of a semicircle – and very charming they looked in their pretty costume – with the gentleman at each end. The true open with a chorus “Click, click,” followed by a song and chorus by Mr F.Wells, “Dat´s very queer.” Miss Sharp sang that exceedingly pretty —- song, “I want yer, ma honey,” with humming accompaniments by the troope.

A topical song, “The cyclist,” was contributed by Mr W. Nicholson. Mr W.W.Norwood, was sacked as one of the “cornermen,” and a friend sang a very amusing duet, “The twins,” concluded with a comical dance. Following this game a sentimental number, “Big Moon,” by Mrs Pells who was heartily recalled. Mr G Clarkson was very successful with “Lulu,” a charming plantation song.

Mr W.W.Norwood close roars of laughter by an exceedingly clever singing of a comical serenade, “The captured lover.” The troope followed with a popular chorus “Playing on de ole banjo,” which they sang in a most inspiriting manner, this being undoubtedly the best of their concerted efforts.

Miss Nicholson, and a very good reception with herself. “Just a little bit of string, and Mr F Wells singing of “De ring tailed racoon” was highly appreciated.

The chorus, “Good – night,” concluded the first part of the programme.

In the interval between each item some very amusing conundrums were sold by the “cornermen,” and a highly diverting dance was performed. Mr W.W.Norwood again appeared in a fearful and wonderfully designed “make up.” and delivered a stump speech on the sorrows and troubles of married men, adding some words of warning to bachelors. This feature was a huge success.

The second part of the entertainment was equally as enjoyable as the first. Mr A.M.Pratt, of Doncaster, and queens College, Oxford, made a capital showman.

He explained in a most humorous manner, the history and characteristics of each “waxwork” figure. A faint idea of the wide range of history and fiction covered by the exhibition may be given from a perusal of the list of figures given below:

Group 1: Mrs Squeers and Boy, Ana Maria, Signor Falsetti, Mother Shipton, Mrs Gamp, Lord Darnley, Father Time.

Group 2: Queen of Hearts and Knave of Hearts, this Street Musician, Bo Peep, Queen Charlotte, Mr Pickwick, Mr Sam Weller.

Group 3: Sir Walter Raleigh, Rule Britannia, Mary, Queen of Scots, William the Conqueror, Queen Elizabeth, Guy Fawkes, Joan of Arc.

The costumes in which the figures were garbed were all exceptionally appropriate.

The church people of Conisborough, have reason to be thankful but only for the entertainment, which was in many respects quite new to the village, but also for the splendid assistance towards the clearing off of the organ fund debt.

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