Pit Stoppage – Denaby Main Unofficial

July 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times July 20

Pit Stoppage

Two shifts were lost by the afternoon shift in the Barnsley seam of Denaby main colliery this week owing to an unofficial stoppage.

On Tuesday afternoon 39 of the boys engaged on the shift refused to descend the pit as a protest against disciplinary action to be taken by the management in respect of alleged breached of pit regulations by some of the boys.

The matter had been referred by the management to the local union leaders with a view to securing a settlement, but the lads decided not to work, and consequently 150 men were rendered idle.

On Wednesday they were addressed by Mr. W. E. Jones, general secretary of the Y.M.A. who urged them to resume work pending negotiations, and on this occasion the boys went down the shaft, but it was felt that it was then too late for a full shift to be worked and the men and the boys left the colliery.

The Parkgate seam was not affected by the stoppage.









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