Posters did the Job All Right this Time – Benefit Concert

August 1963

South Yorkshire Times August 17.

Posters did the Job All Right this Time

Six Conisbrough schoolgirls got together during the winter and decided that when summer eventually came they would hold a concert in aid of spastics.

After six weeks rehearsing the show took place on Thursday, and much to the girls delight it raised over £3.

The girls, Glynis Wake, Park Road, Alicia Walton, of Scott Avenue, Lynn Seddons, of Prior Road, Janice Saville, of March Street, Dorcas Alan, of Ellershaw Lane and Denise Walsh, of Chestnut Grove, are all 10 and all pupils of Conisbrough Morley Place Junior School.

Strategic Points.

Glynis was the originator of the scheme and the concert was given at her grandmother’s home.

As a result of posters, placed at strategic points throughout the village, a queue had formed outside Mrs Wake’s house in Denaby Avenue, Conisbrough, and by the time the curtain went up at three o’clock there was a 40 strong audience on the back lawn, where the girls had erected curtains to form a “stage” and “dressing rooms”

The program included dance routines, all arranged in professional style by Glynis and their friends and songs.

A Threepenny admittance fee was the only charge, but the fund was swelled by various stalls where the “audience” could buy sweets, toys and other gifts.

Glynis said: “we hadn’t quite enough items, so we had to have a “twist” competition and a talent contest to fill in.”


Despite Glynis’s modesty, the show lasted two hours and at the end one little boy asked Mrs Wake, “Are you going to have another one before we go back to school?”

“We thought we should make a pound,” said Glynis, who said she and her friends held a similar show last year, but it hadn’t come to anything because of lack of publicity.

The final result, a cheque for £3 2s is now on its way to the Fund.

Glynis´s mother, Mrs Dorothy Wake, said: “Glynis is a good organiser. If they had an known people would come they would have made more of it than they did. Glynis´s grandmother was as thrilled about it as the children and she got them to do more than their parents could have done,” said Mrs Wake.

The inquisitive little boy certainly won’t be entirely disappointed for the girls are considering another fundraising concert, perhaps at Christmas.

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  1. Glinys luff

    This brought back many memories.Especially the names of my old friends from Morley place school. Glinys luff nee wake.


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