Potato Thefts at Conisborough.

November 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 1

Potato Thefts at Conisborough.

Two young pit hands, Henry Truman and Charles Gibbs, of Tickhill Street, Denaby Main, were in custody charged on suspicion with having stolen potatoes at Conisborough on the previous day (Friday)

Police Constable Lancaster stated that at midnight, he was on duty at New Conisborough when he heard someone moving about Tickhill Street.

He went there and found the prisoners. Each had a bag filled with potatoes in his possession. The witness enquired where they got the potatoes from, and the prisoners then admitted having stolen the potatoes from a field at Hill Top

in reply to a question from the chairman (Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson), it was stated that the police had not found the owner of the potatoes, and consequently were unable to estimate the damage actually done.

Police Constable Lancaster said there was a stone of potatoes. In one bag and a half in the other.

The court fixed the costs of the potatoes 10d and the prisoners (who had nothing to say.) were each ordered to pay 5 shillings fine and 7 shilling costs.

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