Gallant Soldiers – Presentations at Conisbrough

July 1919

Mexborough Times, July 26

Gallant Soldiers

Presentations at Conisbrough

Seven war heroes – working at the Denaby and Cadeby main collieries – holding distinction gained for bravery on the battlefields, on Wednesday night received recognition of the honours they gained by being publicly presented with gold watches, subscribed for by their employers and fellow workmen, through the heroes fund.

The interesting little gathering took place in the clubroom of the Conisbrough branch of the National Federation of discharged and demobilised soldiers and sailors and included a representative attendance.

Cllr W.Appleyard presided.

Mr W.H.Smith congratulated the soldiers on their club premises and was pleased to know their federation was prospering. Such institutions of those were capable of accomplishing a great deal of useful work, and could be made, not merely centres for merrymaking, but for sound thought and progressive action. They as an organised body,can more ably deal with any case of injustice to individual members. It had been his lot to come across many men returning to work in the pits and he was convinced that the way that some of the authorities were treating those men was unjust, they were not giving them that consideration to which they were entitled. As an organisation, the soldiers should take up the cudgels of some of these men were being unfairly dealt with.

Mr Hulley apologise for the delay in making those presentation. They, as members of the heroes fund committee, appreciated to the full the honour these men are brought to them will stop. It was there bounden duty to see that full recognition was given to their gallantry. He could assure them that the workmen at the collieries were eager to see this done and had willingly taken upon themselves the task of providing fitting gifts.

Mr Ogley said that he considered the ex-soldiers club an excellent movement, and in the long winter evenings will prove a great benefit. None had proved their worth more in the army than the miner and no miner more than from their district. (Applause.) None had respond more willingly, or fought more keenly, or made such great sacrifices (applause.)

Mr Worsley, secretary of the heroes for, said that up-to-date 33 gold watches have been presented to workmen, and 27 more at still to be given, which spoke highly of the gallant services rendered by their men. From the two collieries about 2100 had served with the forces.

Capt Harrison said that he had had a considerable interest in that club movement, and interest which would strengthen as time went on. Such organisations were necessary for many reasons. While the war was on it was very easy, when victories would be won, and when, daily, the people were being told of the gallant achievements of the boys at the front, for them at home to keep their soldiers in mind. The different feeling was produced whilst basking in the pleasure of peace, and it was then easy enough to forget what had been learnt in the past. Many other men, whose bravery has propelled our most famous fighting traditions, had come back maimed and disabled, undermined in health, and unable to pursue their former avocations. Shese men, above all, should never be forgotten and overlooked. The most fitting checks for all those at home, in every stage of life, should be

“Lest we forget” (Applause.)

Watches were presented to the following:

A/BS.M.George Jenkins, R.F.A., D.C.M.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in charge of an ammunition convoy under heavy shellfire. His great coolness and bravery resulted in the convoy reaching its destination. Later, under severe hostile fire, heordered and supervised the evacuation of the horse lines, showing the while a splendid example to all ranks.

Cpl A.Ellmer, Northumberland Fusiliers, M.M.

for bravery during a trench raid on the Austrians on July 15, 1918

Cpl C.Wharton, eighth York and Lancs., M.M.

for gallantry in capturing enemy sentries along with four other men he was sent out to locate an enemy post, and creeping up from the rear, was successful, in spite of intense machine gun fire, in bringing back to our lines two prisoners.

Sgt J.Ford, Lancashire Fusiliers, M.M

Rushed a machine gun post, bayoneted three of the enemy, brought back three prisoners, and captured the gun.

Sgt A.G.Moore, 6th Northumberland Fusiliers, M.M.

sSowed a special gallantry in leading the way under heavy shell and machine gun fire, and on reaching the enemy position, carried on, though wounded, until the position was consolidated. Afterwards, went back to the dressing station, had is wounded tended to, and voluntarily returned to the trenches until his Battalion was relieved.

Cpl L.Barron, 1/4 Hallamshire Battalion, York and Lancs, M.M.

Volunteered for a night raid at Ypres and succeeded in bringing back an enemy machine gun

Private J.W.Miller, M.M.

Distinguished himself by excellent and gallant work carrying messages through heavy and sustained shell and machine gun fire.

Capt Harrison in handing over the watches, said that here were several men of whom they might well feel proud, not only that night but always. They should always look up to them and tried to emulate their splendid example their higher conception of duty.

Mr Farrell proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman, Capt Harrison and the artistes who contributed an excellent programme

Mr T Hill seconded


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