Presentation to J.P.Engledow

January 1941

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 4.

Presentation to J.P.Engledow

On Tuesday, in the Pay Office of the Denaby Colliery the surface officials met for a presentation to Mr J.P., Engeldow, who recently resigned from the position of Foreman of the Wagon Department, a position he had held for nearly 40 years.

Mr W. Cole, Chief Traffic Manager, presided, and the presentation was made by Mr E.T.Hardy, chief engineer of the Amalgamated Denaby Collieries Ltd. Mr Cole said since he came to the colliery he had found it a pleasure to work with Mr Engeldow. He had had a great task to perform in the increase of the work in the last few years in the apartment, which he had control, but he had done it well. Mr Hardy said it was always a pleasure to make a presentation of this kind, but there was always a change of regret when the time came for a valued official to retire.

Mr Engeldow came to the colliery in 1902 and for 30 years, had held the position of Foreman of the Joinery Department, Tub shops and Wagon Department. He would personally express his appreciation of the work he had done before he severed his connection with the Engineering Department, and he thanked him for the way he had carried out in extraordinary times very valuable and responsible work for the company.

Mr Hardy expressed the wish that 1941, would be a happy year for Mr and Mrs Engel go, and on behalf of the officials who had subscribed to the gift asked him to accept a fireside chair.

Mr N. Hulley, the agent and manager of Denaby Colliery, said as far as the colliery was concerned his association with Mr Engledow had only been short but he had from boyhood been associated with him and his family, and it had been a great pleasure to know him personally. He had always been helpful and willing to do all he could, and ready to render assistance at the colliery and in the village. He had set a life long example to those would follow on, and on behalf of the underground staff he expressed good wishes for a happy retirement.

Mr Engledow said he appreciated the gift. He had had a good innings, but when one had been on the same beat for about 40 years, one felt keenly leaving it all behind. He had tried to be loyal to the company, and to all the workmen, and to do his best in all that he had undertaken. He thanked them all for their kindness and for the gift.









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