Pride of Conisborough Juvenile Lodge – Tea, and Sports.

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 10th.

Pride of Conisborough Juvenile Lodge.

Tea, and Sports.

The second annual tea, and sports were held on Saturday. An excellent tea was served by the host and hostess, Mr and Mrs Nesbitt, at the Lodge House, Red Lion hotel.

60 juveniles sat down with the committee of the Lodge.

After tea they adjourned to the field near the cricket field, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr G. Nicholson to hold their sports.

The Conisborough United Brass Band played for dancing during the evening.

The prizes were numerous and useful consisting of suits of clothes, boots, watches, cruets etc

The following is a list of the races:


14 to 16: 1. J.Burton 2.J.Kitchen
12 to 14: 1. F.Spencer 2. H.Proctor
10 to 12: 1. S.Laughton 2. G.Ibbotson
8 to 10: 1. T.Wilson 2. E.Laughton
6 to 8: 1. G.Kitching 2. R.Booth
4 to 6: 1. H.Kitching 2. P.Kelly


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