Pride of Conisborough Lodge – Annual Tea, Concert and Dance.

January 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 18.

Friendly Societies.

Pride of Conisborough Lodge, G.U.O.F.

Annual Tea, Concert and Dance.

The above society held their annual tea, concert and dance on Saturday, July 12, at the Lodge House, Red Lion Hotel, when over 150 members and their friends sat down to a most excellent tea, provided by the host and hostess, Mr and Mrs T.Nesbitt, of which too much cannot be said of the excellent manner of their catering.

After tea, and the room being cleared, the concert commenced. Brother G.H.Fitzgeorge was elected chairman, who ably carried out that position as on past occasions. The band was composed of Messrs A. Wilson, S Wilde, and G Brown, who opened the concert with a good selection, “La Diadem.”

After this the Chairman gave a short address, in which he said he was pleased to see such a large audience present. He spoke to the success of the juveniles of the Lodge and as to their treat, which will be held in May next, when the Juvenile Committee propose providing a tea for them; also some good sports.

The juveniles were making excellent headway, and he was pleased also to know that they were in a good financial position; he could say that juvenile lodges were the backbone of the adult lodges.

The following is the program:

Selection, “la diadem,” the band; Song, “Four Jolly Smiths,” Mr H. Fowler; Duet, “Starboard watch,” Messrs R Wright and E Keys; Violin solo, Mr Wilde; song, “Pardon, came too late,”, Mr G Briggs; selection, the band; solo, “Parson and clerk,” Mr G Briggs; song, Mr Wright, and a duet by Messrs Wright and Keys.

After the concert a vote of thanks was proposed by brother W Ellis to the host and hostess for the able manner in which they had provided the tea.

Mr T Nesbitt, in responding, said he was extremely obliged to the members of the Lodge for their kind remarks, and said he should be very pleased to provide for them on many future occasions.

A vote of thanks was also proposed to the band and the singers by the Chairman.

Brother H. Fowler proposed that the best thanks of the meeting be given to brother G.H.Fitzgeorge, for the able manner in which he had resided.

Dancing, the next enjoyable feature, was indulged in until 11:30 pm, everyone going home well satisfied, and pleased with the eveningĀ“s entertainment.

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