Pride of Conisborough Lodge

July 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 3rd

Pride of Conisborough Lodge.

The first annual Juvenile tea and sports in connection with the above Lodge, was held last Saturday, June 9.

A splendid tea was provided at the Lodge House (Red Lion Hotel) by the host and hostess, Mr and Mrs Nesbitt, at 4:30 p.m., for 50 juniors and 16 of the committee, which had been prepared to the satisfaction of all present.

After tea Brother H.Saville, presented each member with a large package of sweets, and suitable addresses were given to the children. The juveniles then proceeded to the sports field, near the cricket field, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr G.T.Nicholson, who takes a great interest in the Lodge.

The Conisborough United Brass Band was also in attendance and played for dancing until dark. A large number of parents, friends and spectators were present. This being the first attempt in the form of tea and sports for the juveniles the committee were highly pleased with the success of their efforts.

The children and all present left at dusk highly pleased with the nights enjoyment. An amusing incident occurred in the Committee Race, in which brother G.H.Fitzgeorge was the winner. He ran through the chain to the strains of “see the conquering hero comes,” which the band was then rendering.

The officials were brother T.Senior, and T.Kelly, handicappers; brother T.Nesbitt, started; Brother H.Saville and F.Laughton

first race – for juveniles, age 14 to 16 – first prize Keyless Watch – winner Kelly; second Knife – winner F.Nesbitt; third, Cricket belt, winner F.Senior

Second race – age 12 to 14 – first prize Cruet – winner Senior; second Knife – winner Briggs; third, Cricket belt, winner Proctor

Third race – age 10 to 12 – first prize cricket bat and stumps – winner F Spencer; second cricket ball – winner S Laughton

Fourth race – aged 6 to 10 – first prize Ruby Salts – winner E Laughton; second Large Ball – winner A Abby; third Mouth Organ – winner G Nicholson

Fifth race – aged 4 to 6 – first prize Nut cracks – winner Kitching; second Large Ball – winner Nicholson; third Mouth Organ – winner R Booth

Sixth race – for females – first prize Dress piece – winner Miss Spencer; second Ladies companion – winner Miss Sampson.

Consolation scramble – first prize drinking cup, winner – Laughton.

Committee race – first prize, pipe, winner GH Fitzgeorge; second Box of cigars, winner T.Senior; third tobacco pouch, winner A Wilson

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