Proposed Reduction of Wages at Denaby Main Colliery

July 1879

1879 July 17 Ind

Sheffield Independent, July 1th

Proposed Reduction of Wages at Denaby Main Colliery

The miners of the above colliery yesterday received an intimation from the manager of a proposed reduction of 10% in their wages.

The men were asked to agree at once, without any formal notice.

The manager had a conference with the miners in th pit yard in the afternoon, but no decision could be arrived at.

A largley attended meeting of the men was held in the evening at the Ledge Room, MasonĀ“s Arms, Mexborough, to consider what course they should adopt in reference to the proposed reduction.

The meeting was of a private character, but we believe the men would be willing to submit to a reduction of about 5 per cent.

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