Public House Lark at Denaby – Stolen Mackerel

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 10, 1901

A Public House Lark at Denaby.

On Monday, at the West Riding Court, Doncaster, before Major Dove and Mr J Ruxton, Daniel Edwards, miner, new Conisbrough, was charged on remand, with stealing a mackerel from the person of Harry Hancock, miner, Denaby, on Saturday night.

Prosecutor stated that about 10 PM on the previous Saturday. He bought a mackerel for 5d, the fish being wrapped in paper. He went into the dram shop of the Denaby Main Hotel, and whilst there he missed the mackerel from his pocket. He gave information to the police.

PC Barnett, deposed that about 10 PM on the day mentioned, prosecutor and a man named Lindley came to him outside the Denaby Main Hotel, and in prisoners present said that Edward (meaning the prisoner) had taken a mackerel out of his pocket.

Lindley said: “I saw him take it,” when prisoner replied “it’s all right, try to make a —-case out of it.” Lindley also said “I saw him put it under his coat.”

Witness requested prisoner to a company and Sgt Brown to prisoners home. When prisoner’s house was reached, the latter said to his mother. “Fetch him that —– mackerel. It’s all right, and I am —– well going to be locked up.”

Prisoner’s mother then brought out the mackerel produced, which was dressed, ready for cooking. Prisoner was then taken into custody and locked up.

Andrew Toole, pony driver, deposed that on the date in question he was in the Denaby Main Hotel, when the prisoner called to him and handed him something which was wrapped up in paper, and which he took from under his coat.

At prisoners request witness took the parcel to prisonerĀ“s mother.

Prisoner, who denied the charge, and stated that prosecutor gave in the mackerel, was remanded until Wednesday.

Prisoner was again brought up on Wednesday, and the case was dismissed

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