Publicans Charged

April 1881

Conisborough Publicans Keeping their House open during Prohibited Hours on Good Friday

James Walker, landlord of the Alma Inn, was charged with keeping his premises open during prohibited powers on Good Friday.

Police Sgt Morley gave similar evidence that when he proved the case against miners unlawfully being on the premises.

Defended expressed ignorance that any Conisborough man was in his out after closing time.

Lord Auckland: How was this man conducted his house?

The Superintendent: Since the last report I’ve had no complaint. He appears to have conducted it very favourably.

Lord Auckland (to defendant): It’s only two years since you were here and fined for the very same offence. You have explored yourself liable to a penalty of £10.

The defendant was fined 40 shillings and costs and the conviction was to be endorsed upon the license, Lord Auckland, saying that Walker had apparently taken no proper precaution whatever.

Richard Crowcroft, landlord of the Three Horse Shoes Inn, was charged with committing a like offence on Good Friday.

Police Sgt Morley, stated that the defendant had a man in his house from Warmsworth, which place he said he saw was 3 miles away, but which was only 2 miles off.

Police Constable Moore, corroborated.

In answer to Lord:, the superintendent said he had received complaints about the way in which this house was conducted, but the man had not previously been summoned.

Fined 40 shillings and costs, the conviction not to be endorsed on the license.

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