Red River Expedition – Sergeant Short’s Medals (picture)

June 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 7.

Red River Expedition – Sergeant Short’s Medals

Picture from Wikipedia Common

File:FAH Red River Expedition.jpg

On Saturday last, Mr G. Short, a retired Army pensioner, known as Sgt Short and at present employed at the Denaby colliery, was the recipient of a splendid silver medal, with clasps, etc, issued by the Canadian Government for what is known as the Red River Expedition, which occurred in 1870.

At that time Sergeant Short was a private in the old 60th, now known as the 1st Kings Royal Rifle Corps, the commanding officer being Major-General Fielding.

Private Short, was one of the company sent out to quell the rebellion in the Hudson Bay territory in Winnipeg, Canada, caused by the notorious rebel Louis Riel, the French half breed, whom managed to escape on this occasion but was caught some years later and hung as a rebel.

Sgt Short states, with a certain amount of pride, that the present Lord Wolsey (then a Colonel), captain Buller (now General Buller) and Lt Butler (the present Sir William Butler), also accompanied them on the expedition, which started on May 24, 1870 and, reached its destination in the following August.

Now, after 31 years, Sgt Short has received his medal, and, as may be expected, he is very proud of it

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